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Looking at more how the Ion works....I would really like to see if I can get a better "anti-chop" bolt speed. I would love to get the Enmey bolt to act like a automag Lvl 10 bolt. It just does not do that currently. Yes its soft, but no its not as soft as some of my other markers that do not advertise as having any mech anti chop abilities.

I think a barb with an adjustable FST screw like on the luxe would slow the forward stroke down even more. It would be simple to would go on the forward most hose attachment in the gun...Almost like a reverse QEV.

The nice thing about doing this is effects on the rate of fire really dont matter with the enemy as anything over about 12bps is not going to happen with the mech trigger anyway. I believe that you could ride the rearward bolt bias much more than it is currently given that ROF is not really a factor/concern. The result would be a much much softer shot and better anti chop abilities and I am willing to bet a quieter shot as it would be slower to allow the chamber to open and dump.

Just some thoughts...The Enmey as endless tinker possibilities...
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