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Packs, Smokin' Pants, Flex 8's, frames, cocker parts... for sale!

Okay - I am selling all of this stuff to fund loaner pumps for my local field. Pump play is starting to take off - and I do not want to slow it down. Please help out!


Extreme Rage. Old but in good shape. Have not worn them in 2 years. Both 4+3. Velcro and loops are all good and all there - 20 shipped:

Narteck Bomber Pack BRAND NEW - ONE LEFT. VERY cool colapsable - holds one tube or 12 tubes the same way - VERY comfortable. Has small zipper pouch for keys. Hard back for those with bad backs.
Brand new
35 shipped each

Stock WGP Pump Arm:
5 Shipped

Smokin Pants. The Fully Hemp Version:

Brand New - Large Sized - Never Worn - No Knee Pads - 40 shipped:

Flex 8's. Never Worn - Brand New - Not sure where I got this from... kinda showed up 45 shipped:

Shocktech Alien Bolt:

Full sized, Purple - (pictures makes it look blue - it purple) 20 shipped:

Two WGP Hinge Frames:

Left - has chips in the nickle - but works great: 15 shipped.
Right - Great shape - Dye Stickies (great shape) - Flame Trigger - fast! 25 shipped - you have to buy the frame to get the stickies!

The Flame Drop - 13 shipped.

WGP Front end - I would like to keep the front block:

Palmers Rock: Good shape one chip in the nickle - works GREAT!: 25 shipped

WGP Ram - GReat shape- no chips- works great - rotatable barb: 15 shipped

WGP CT 4-way - adjustable on the front end - some chips in the nickle - comes complete with 4 way internals AND actuating rod - 10 shipped.

I just aired up this front end in the configuration seen above. MAN is it fast!

The whole front end for 40 shipped (minus front block)


All Large!

JT Black and White - good shape: 10 shipped.
JT Old school good shape: 8 shipped.
Redz Dimension - great shape: 15 shipped.

All of them for 25 shipped.

These prices are flexible and I would be more than happy to combine things for a discount.

PLEASE e-mail me at

Pumpenstein - NSA National Champions

TF's MCB Trust.

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