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For me its like this, I get shot I'm out. I don't care if the ball doesn't actually break. If I feel it hit then back to reinsertion point or dead box. There are people who don't do that and it sucks because, you know and they know it was a clean hit.
To me its about integrity and sportsmanship. I do not, however, count splatter because, that is not me being hit by the ball but, merely objects around me taking the hits and deflecting paint.
I personally hate padding. This body armor stuff is a load of crap and is just as bad as wipers(IMO). The best way to take out a juggernaut in Call of Duty is head shots. The same goes for all the padded players wanting to be juggernauts.
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Youbdont hang out here on MCB much do ya?
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Always. This is like an old folks home
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