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wtb / wtt brass bits, tiny tanks, springs, and lockity sto feeds!

Hey guys, looking to get some parts for a pump I'm building. In a perfect world, id trade for everything because I'm poor, but ive got a little money for the more expensive things. Here's what I'm looking for :
A return spring for a wgp pump kit
An STO threaded locking feedneck
Cocker threaded brass barrel in a smaller bore
13ci tank, you can keep the reg if you like since I have many.
a spring kit for tippmann markers

Here's what I can part with :
Cocker threaded ion breech with clamping feedneck. - silver
Red ion firing can with donut and c-clip
Never used bronze ion color kit
Pre 2k black shocktech front block in Damn near pristine condition
Silver 1/8 to npt adaptor thingy (one of those doohickys that you'd screw into the bottom of the front block on a mini cocker to run the reg. Like a VASA without that rediculous 12pt bolt tomfoolery)
Olive flex bottoms
olive flex frames with good foam
black e-flex bottoms
black flex frames with decent foam
9/10 spectra smoke lenses
Neon green / black dye tigerstripeish headwrap (cant wear because of sponsorship, got it for my birthday and wore it to work once to appease the gift giver lol)
uhhhhhh, ive got a 20oz co2 tank with one of those nifty smartparts on /off valves somewhere around here

I have to say trades are the priority here. Ive got feedback on the nation, and ill link you to it if you want. Let me know what you've got and we can work something out, thanks.

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