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Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
perhaps.. i wouldnt put it past them.. but without any proof. they could have just been reviewing the game based on the potential of what it SHOULD be. seeing as how they get to play the games ahead of time, and they get to play it for how it should be. "okay guys, the reviewers have the game now.. we have got to have everything perfect on the servers next week" sounds like a pretty reasonable thing to hear

i know when i was in the military we heard "the general might be coming by some time this week, clean those boot marks off the door" alot

Those "pre reviews" have been criticized for a number of years already, especially when it comes to games that have a significant online portion, and fail in that portion, when released. That caused and continue to cause significant damage to credibility of those "pre reviews". I dont know if you remember, but back then, when WoW was first released, it didnt have glowing "pre reviews" specifically because there were issues with servers during the open beta. Those reviews were corrected a few months later, when the issues were fixed. Curiously SimCity's beta players did warn of encountered server issues.
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