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Any good force feed should be consistent for you.

Prophecy around 60-70 bucks is awesome. Shells are good but not super tough. Awesome capacity. 2nd lightest
Rotor around 100 bucks is great. Shells are super tough, will jam when balls get mooshy. Too small without extended top for me. heaviest
Z2 around 100 bucks. Shells are much tougher than prophecy original. Decent capacity, though I wish they did a better job designing the shells (more bulge in front) mine will sometimes wedge 2-4 paintballs in the front, which is just dumb.

Rotor UI is the best. It has an On button that is very positive. If you don't use speed feeds, the rotor lid is worse than a VL200 or virtually any other hopper lid. If you use a speed feed it doesn't matter. The prophecy and Z2 lid are amazing. Most people can fit their hand completely inside the loader it is so huge.

Those are really the best choices. Rotors are easier to take apart. Prophecies are harder. Z2 is as easy. All are easy compared to pain in the butt loaders like old Halos. All are 10x more durable than old halos too.

Biggest thing for me is that I have had jams with my rotors and not with my prophecies and Z2's. Jams that won't auto unjam I mean, or be easily unjammed without disassembling hopper. The little fin on the bottom of a rotor is good for nothing in my experience.

Rotors are probably the most popular because of their durability compared to prophecies, and their nice user interface. People love them.

Try them all if you can.

Personally I'd use a VL200 over a Halo.

When buying a prophecy, make sure the locking tabs and feedneck areas don't have cracks. That is the most important thing. All the prices I mentioned are for used loaders. Z2's are probably the priciest of the three but not by much, rotors have great resale value.
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