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I am very interested to hear other people's opinions, but when I play with .678 at my field, I get some ball breaks. The decreased accuracy from ball breaks outweighs the increased efficiency from the tighter bore, and two barrels probably means twice the ball breaks.
I am not sure if you can double pump with wedgits. Can someone tell me if that is possible?
I found this post by Craig Palmer on a sticky in the palmer section.
Originally Posted by CraigPalmer View Post
I mostly shoot a .690. It shoots just about anything.

In just the past few years paint has been getting smaller, Although, I think makers have heard the complaints and are making the balls a little bigger now. Smaller balls feed better.

As the cost of materials go up, the manufactures are less likely to throw the bad/small stuff out. Some of them would mix all of the bad stuff together, recap it and sell it as a cheaper ball. We don't see too much of that these days.

Humidity and storage plays a big part of the ball size. Sugar is used to to make the ball brittle. So yes, you can make the ball bigger by letting it soak up moister, but you will also get more bounces.

Really Cold DRY winter days and a small bore can be really hard on brittle paint.
I'll use a 690 and no wedigts for days like that with crappy paint.

A ball dropped at shoulder height should bounce off concrete 90% of the time.

If your stuck with small field paint, get the 685. If you have a choice in brand get the .690.

.685 and .690 are standard price. Any other size bigger than .685 and .690 requires a $40 hone charge.
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