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um, now im confused. Why would they use a 130 dollar marker instead of a 400 dollar one if they had the choice? I wanted the Hammer with first strike because I wanted to use it or let my friends use it when we play for fun in the woods across the street from my house.
because speedball gets boring after you played long enough. you just sit at one place pushing a button until one of the balls shoot straight. it also scares newbies. on top of that it makes you waste a lot of paint which is $$$ down the drain.

that said, we probably all already have a $400+ gun, we just leave them in the car until misbehaving players bully newcomers with their own $400 gun. then we take ours out to even the field a bit.

as for the mask, get the one that sits comfortable on your face. that and thermal lens are all that matters. don't get suckered by the shop owner into buying the absolutely fanciest mask, it's a trap.

so maybe $60 for a mask, $60 for a hopper, $60 for hpa if your field supports it, that leaves $420 for an empire axe or invert mini. plenty enough gun for most fields. you might even just keep your hammer 7 if the field is mostly kids with cheap mech blowback guns. you should be able to keep up with those after some practice and a decent hopper.

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