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Sorry for being a little late to the conversation. Are you asking in an actually skirmish or is it okay to include shooting at stationary targets? If stationary targets are acceptable, then I can share my experiences of running the Tiberius Arms Sniper contest at Decay of Nations. I ran it twice. Once with LAPCO and the second time with Eric of Tiberius Arms. During both competitions we used a:
  • Tiberius Arms 9.1 Elite (stock)
  • LAPCO Rifled First Strike Barrel
  • HPA (13ci bottles, all stock from both from Ninja and Guerrilla)
  • First Strike rounds (blues one year and whites the next) were not just pulled from the box, not weighed or measured for variances
The average velocity for the shots were about 272 (max velocity set 285).
Targets were set out to:
  • 100'
  • 150'
  • 200'
  • 250'
  • 300'

I personally benched to see if I could reach the 300' target. I missed but not for falling short. I did approximately a 5 degree arc and just missed the target by shooting over it. Since I was running the competition, it was agreed that my shots should not count. Shooters were all over the skill spectrum; in fact Sonny Lopez of the LA Hitmen competed one year. The majority of the shooters were able to easily hit the 100' and 150' targets. The winners were the ones who took their time and shot the 200' and 250'. A few folks tried the 300' target but wind, arch, nerves, etc. nobody hit it, but they got really close.
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