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Originally Posted by SKULL View Post
agreed that will be 19 inches long or so. 15 x 2 sounds good. ill just try to get the efficiency to fire 60 shots worth on 2 12g's. might help that my field limit is 250fps
Anything double barreled just drinks propellant be that CO2 or HPA.
On my fully tuned PPS Painter, I would get 25-35 good shots off a 12 gram with FPS 280-290.

On double barrels, it only get's worse. If you want to go 12 gram only, then so be it, but it will get really expensive, really quick. Plus, the added stress when playing because you have to reload two springfeeds and 12 grams.

Shooting a nasty is one of the most satisfying things in the world, but I would suspect that you will probably have about 10-12 at speed shots (20-24 due to the double barrel config).

Also, what did you have in mind to have the 2 12 gram setup? Are we talking one 12 gram, full to empty, and then the second one punched open? Or both 12 grams punched open at the same time ala cooper t double 12 gram style?

IMO, get a vertical adapter and have it built in a way that you can have a 12 gram bucket changer, a 3.5 oz, or a bottomline to setup. That would be the most practical way to go about this.
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