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I have been thinking of using a Parrot drone. The new 2.0 with the extended life batteries are supposed to get around 15-20 minutes of fly time, and the Sony Action Cam is pretty light in weight. I have been looking at a forum specifically for the Parrot drone's, and saw one guy that cut alot weight from his, so with a camera, a GoPro, it weighs in only a couple of grams over a stock on drone. And now, the Parrots offer a 720 camera up front.

My idea is to mount a Sony cam at a downward angle, probably around 35 degrees or so, and let it film (Using my iPad for a monitor), and flying the drone back and forth over an open field (Too many trees means that you either have to fly low enough to get shot at, or you fly above and don't get any footage). I would need a few of the battery packs though, to get enough footage.
Flight time is the only thing that really worries me about these type of 'drones'. I would love to be able to live stream legends or d-day or something similar without having to change out batteries every 20 minutes.
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