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Ikea child's luggage thingy = multi gun case

Just got it so not so much of a review yet per say, but it fits and is only $20 bucks.


The best deal I have found are cases that hold one gun for $10 bucks (laptop bags, real steel pistol case) so I'm always keeping an eye out. Ideally i'd like something like this ikea suitcase but wider and holds/partitions for 4 pistols.

But at $20 bucks, holding two guns would break even with other cases. Anything else I can get in will just be a bonus and extra convenient. Such as parts, tools, barrels and inserts.


Right there is a kframed mad pistol with an 8" barrel and a barrel-less thumper with tons of room left over. I could easily throw another gun in there(probably wrapped in a cloth if I add tools etc). So far im happy. I might want another!
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