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Here's what I'll tell you about the game, answering a few questions. Sorry that most of it is simple yes/no/generic, but we most of the info is still under wraps until we release the game. I will answer a few basic questions.

First, though, if you're in Boston or going to PAX East both myself, Greg and I believe Cuba will be there at the BOSTON PAINTBALL booth Fri/Sat/Sunday with a few iPads running the current build as well as our personal iPhones (it looks so sick on the iPhone 5... which is where I took the screenshots from).

#1. Yes, Pump is featured.
#2. No, you cannot wipe.
#3. There's a variety of gear available, and there will be updates so new gear can/will be added.
#4. In the below screenshot there's a "grenade" button, but in the most recent build that's removed from "speedball" maps (as it's more of a Rec/Woods/Scenario item).
#5. There are leaderboards, etc.

This image is a little old, but we did release it. Expect a few more screenshots very soon.

Lastly... no release date, yet. We're still ironing out a few oddities that our amazing Beta testers have found (and we are about to add a bunch more) and making some finalization tweaks. We're looking for very soon. Don't worry it won't be much longer.

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