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Another GOG Enmey Review

Being a big Automag fan because its KISS design, I decided to pick up GOG Enmey after reading several articles about them. As they too have a minimum of parts and O-Rings. Which means less can break, and easy to maintain.

So, I found a used one, and waited for it to arrive.
Upon receiving it, I aired it up, took it outside, and quickly chronoed it up.
I shot a couple of balls over the chrono, and was surprised at the consistency.
Then, I shot at a target, and even with the stock barrel, was amazed at the accuracy.

The next sunday, I played all day with it at the field, but now with a DW and freak insert, which I already owned for my mags, using a cocker to Ion adapter.

Wow. Smooth, quiet, accurate.I could easily hit 2 out of three shots on a one inch diameter pole from about 40 feet . And I could repeat that time and time again.

I had done the $2 set screw trigger mod. And didnt short stroke a single time, all day. And I didnt break a single ball.

I find it unbelievable that they were able to make such a great little package for so little, and nobody should feel they are at a handicap taking one of these out to the field. The days of having to spend a lot of money to have your own setup are now over.

Anybody looking to buy their own gun shoud get the GIG Enmey. Use the money you save to get a really nice hopper, and quality mask.
Automags retired. Enmeys are the successor.
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