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If this is an actual test and not just hyperbole, you've just set the Canuckistan standard.
I have had the bolt cycle in far stickier situations then maple syrup. Including in really high heat the bolt expanded and stuck in the breech. Still shot... lost 20fps.

From yesterday, this should be fully uploaded around 10 AM PST. Nothing too new, but...
Levi is one sharp guy - and helped with several prototypes of mine in the past.

A small bit of clarity, when we take the pre-orders we are going to do them a bit different. We are going to have pre-order batches of 100, and set them up so we don't get overwhelmed. These will be on an escrow basis, so the money doesn't all go into our pockets for start up and we then take forever, like, ehm, far to many companies. It goes into an escrow account and that money isn't released until we ship. This is to protect the customer and alleviate the delays and potential loss of money associated with startup companies. We will have multiple batches setup for pre-order, with no limit, but that should also allow the pre-ordered customer to know approximately when their order is due.

The timeline is 3-5 weeks from now for final Pre-Production show guns, then after approval (should be a week) we will order the parts, and open the pre-order. The solenoids are the longest lead time item and are already being ordered. Boards are next. We expect by the time we open pre-orders to be 6-8 weeks for the first batch of markers to be shipped out. That of course is pending all things fall in place.

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