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Have to let go. Baby on the way

Hello everyone. I have played D3 paintball for the past 3 years. I now am going to have to sell off my gear. I played tournaments for D3 up until 6 months ago and Now... I sold off all my high ends and was going to play recreational paintball. But looks like by my title I cannot be doing even that.

Okay everyone You came to me, if you dont like my price that is perfectly okay. I want you to offer. there is no firm prices. I am not asking retail for any of this. I want you to get this off my hands, buy in bulk more of a deal, buy it all and ill love you forever.

I have a kid being born in 3 weeks. (expected atleast) and I need this gone. I need to buy a crib and some diapers and have the nursery all ready. Prices do not include shipping' Unless talked about Via PM or text. I need cash, I am out o the sport. Not looking for any types of trades. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, But I DO NOT WANT TRADES. I know most wont see this and offer but for those who do. I thank you. I will be actually posting pictures tonight around 7-8 Central time. So come back than for better photos. Almost all this gear is new, unless otherwise stated.

The goodies:

*Planet eclipse etha, 2013 newest edition with springless poppet valve.
This gun has not a single scratch on it. It has never been fired. the gun is lubed up by the field that maintained the guns over the winter but the gun has never seen 1 single paintball through it. It will come with everything stock. No scratches no nicks, not even a paintball fingerprint.

Looking to get 300 but like the comment above offer up.

*Liquid gray V3 Dye rotor Has no scratches. One jewel is coming slightly off from being in the gear bag and for that im sorry but no other damage

Looking for 95$

*C10 Tampa bay damage jersey 2xl been worn once to try on, tags are off. no scratches


**Blue/black Proto size Xl I believe paintball pants. Have use and were used when I was D3 also. but no rips at all


**Crossfire 68/4500 tank. Has 4 years left in hydro so not quite sure on hydro date I will be updating this when I get home after work.


**Planet eclipse 3+? podpack. It is brand new, been worn once at a field.


**Dye Attack pack no clue year it is black and yellow when I post up pics I hope someone can help me with this

Offer please ????

**Exalt paintball cleats size 13 minimal usage come with dirt and turf sets


**Titanium Balance rammer for ego 07-ego 09 brand new has never been used I have heard they make ego's silent. And this includes usage for Sl74 -Sl94 and I believe etek 3. But dont hold me to the etek part.


**Dye i4's White camo, condition 9/10 for both lense and mask


** Empire arm pads size XL


My number is 320-262-6095, but id prefer you post before text or PM. I will be updating this later with pictures and if I realize I have anymore gear. Thank you all for looking, and I really appreciate any offers. There will be no me getting at lowball offers. I dont really mind it guys, There is no way im going to sell to you, but it gives me a free UP and it also makes me know that people are willing to offer. I am willling to sell in bulk for cheaper. So I thank you all again for looking. Yes I know im 18 years old. Your probably saying bull **** your having a kid. But trust me my bank account says different. I really appreciate the looking guys and girls.

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