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Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
Levi is one sharp guy - and helped with several prototypes of mine in the past.

The timeline is 3-5 weeks from now for final Pre-Production show guns, then after approval (should be a week) we will order the parts, and open the pre-order. The solenoids are the longest lead time item and are already being ordered. Boards are next. We expect by the time we open pre-orders to be 6-8 weeks for the first batch of markers to be shipped out. That of course is pending all things fall in place.
Daaa thanks

Oh yeah, PBE was a little over a week ago wasnt it? i keep forgetting that my 4-6week line has to change based on the week.... (I repeated it a LOT at PBE)

sorry for the mix up on the pre-order, i guess i kept falling asleep when tony would talk about the financial stuff. Much like he does when i start talking about the boards

Minimag03: We have had talks about this. the short is, it should be possible, but i cant confirm either way at this time (sucks i know)

Also it was great playing out their with No Mercy and everyone else at KC Crusaders!


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