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Tjd's CF pump handle sale.

price is going to be 40 30 for any combination.
I figure the easiest way to do this is kinda ala cart. pick your parts I'll put it together for you and ship it out. to make a kit you will need to pick a front color a carbon fiber color and a back style and color

Here is the numbers from left to right

Front caps

12x black front cap
12x white front cap

Rear caps

standard CCM no hitman

12x black
7x white

standard CCM with hitman

6x black
5x white

CCM T2 no hitman

9x black
6x white

CCM T2 with hitman

3x black
7x white

standard dual rod CCM compatible

6x black

standard dual rod with hitman CCM compatible

3x black

This next picture is of the carbon fiber mid section

then numbers available are

12x silver
12x black

Now I am just trying to recoup my costs and I don't think I'll be making any more
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