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Originally Posted by Sincera View Post
I think the rise of CCM's (and their relation to the pseudo arms race in pump paintball) and the downturn in the economy is the primary reason(s) for the amount of high end SC guns up for sale and the decreased value of other brands like PPS.
Because auto triggers were on some WGP Snipers back before CCM was around or because PPS also has guns with auto triggers? Even non-direct feed Phantoms have the auto trigger. I fail to see how the rise of CCM made the SC market price drop.
If the economy is so bad you have to sell guns, wouldn't you sell the ones that eat the most paint? (if you want to keep playing, not just selling to pay the bills)

I'm either not getting what you're saying or you're misinformed.
EDIT I see you're Got Paint, so I don't believe you to be misinformed.

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