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I didn't really explain that well at all.

I quit for a good many years so I'm just basing this on what I knew of the game around 05 or 06 compared to what I see now.

It's not just the autotrigger, but the combo of light springing and a real quality product right out the door. There is a pump day at my local field and all I see are CCM's. Practically nothing else.

When I say arms race I'm talking autotrigger, forcefed hoppers, hitman mods, and light springing to get easy pump and fast pump strokes. A sniper base is pretty much the standard base I see these kinds of mods going on these days.

With more pump play in general happening there are also more pump tourneys and at least the players at the fields I frequent, players want a top of the line/competing pump marker, and they tend to gravitate towards the CCM's. I feel like they've cornered the market (and for good reason) on new players wanting pump guns.

I love my PPS brass don't get me wrong, and I certainly view them as top of the line, but not everyone sees it that way. In short I think CCM has grabbed the pump market and people are sticking with autococker based pumps these days. People buy nice SC guns thinking they'll get into it but end up playing open class more in my experience, so it's one of the first things to sell when consolidating markers.

I hope that made some sense, kinda rambling at this point.
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