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Ive had some experience with boxmags,unfortunately the DAM is out of my price range now or Id be all over it.
Curious if anyone could get a pic of how the board connects to the soleniod on the DAM,I prefer to use a RF chip on my boxmags,more foolproof than sound activation or force feedback sensor as spoolies are quiet and feedstack pressure can affect feedback sensors,though with a magfed the feedstack would be much less than using hose setups like I normally do
Heres a bracket i used on my last boxmag,should be what youre thinking of
Q Loader Feedneck Adapter - BT - Lowest price available from
I've used prefab plexi boxes(recipe card box) for my last 2 boxmags,TAP plastic will make custom sized plex or ABS stuff for you,not cheap but good quality
heres my thread for my latest boxmag
Feel free to PM me with any questions,Im also working on a boxmag for my Hammer 7
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