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So I was giving more thought to this format and thought of adding this twist. Same 10 ball tube limit but you start with 40 tubes (or any variation as long as its under 40 balls total, I.e. 5 8 round clips). At the beginning of the match (timed or elimination) each player puts out a brightly colored tube of paint in a designated distance from the start box in enemy territory. It can be "hidden" but still visible in the normal field of play (ie you cant bury it out dangle it out of reach). Ideally it would be in spots where you could trap the other player making a run for the ammo. At the end of the game the tubes are collected and the remaining balls go to the winner to lower their cost of paint. Also when you get out you must drop whatever field paint youve collected that isnt already loaded. This wouldnt include your starting 40 rounds.

Again, the goal is to make the game equal and fun for any type of marker and draw in players that are used to massive hoppers and unlimited paint. I think 40 balls would be just enough to keep that set interested without giving them an advantage over pump players.

YOu could also play respawn timed points games where you start with what you got out with minus any field paint. If you have no paint left you start out with 5 balls in your marker and must scramble to find more.

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