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Played there in January (I think) for a small scenario, since it was being produced by another team I'll limit my feedback to field/management issues...

Reffing: this may have just been one bad apple, but there was one ref in the parking lot who decided that, instead of helping us to lash down our tent that kept catching the wind, was going to stand there watching us and yell at us to do a better job or he'd make us take it down. I don't pay good money and drive an hour and a half to get scolded by someone who's job is, technically, customer service. This was before we even hit the field so regrettably, it did set a pretty crappy first impression. Once on the field, refs who knew what was going on or were willing to do anything regarding a paint check were few and far between.

No dedicated chrono area... In fact, the chrono station moved a few times through the day and wasn't very well enforced after the initial pre-game check.

Air situation was terrible. By the middle of the day we were lucky to be getting 2.5K fills. Not a big deal when you're running a big tank but since I only have a 48/4500, it put a big cap on how much paint I could carry onto the field. This was with roughly 200 players so I'm sure on a rec day the air would be fine, but figured it was worth pointing out anyway.

Uneven sides/teams switching sides- Basically management didn't seem to track what sides had what numbers. One side clearly did a better job recruiting but then several teams who were trying to help even things out wound up overkilling it by switching to the other side, and the people in the registration area didn't seem to have a clue as to what was going on or what to do about it.

The place just generally felt unorganized, which I'll grant could have been because of a big showing at a relatively small field. I've never played recball there, but as far as scenarios go I'd be more inclined to spend my money elsewhere, to be honest.
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