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Opposition Force has captured a high ranking government official and plans to send a message to the U.S by video recording his decapitation and broadcasting live on multiple live media streams. Task Force Team must infiltrate compound, secure the hostage, and extract before time expires. Extraction point is same as mission start point.

Task Force Objective:
Rescue Hostage and return him back to start point for a safe extraction. Hostage must escorted by at least 1 member of the task force at all times and stay within arm’s reach. Hostage is not allowed to carry a marker. Hostage cannot be ordered to sprint for long distances.
Opposition Force Objective:
Keep hostage alive at all costs in designated holding area in order to complete primary objective. Hostage must be eliminated if captured by task force to prevent complete failure of mission. You may not eliminate hostage to prevent capture.

Task force wins round when hostage reaches extraction point with at least 1 “living” member of the task force or by eliminating all members of the opposing team.
Op 4 team wins by either maintaining control of hostage when time expires or by eliminating hostage if taken by Task Force or by eliminating all members of the opposing team.


Task force obtains control of hostage by making physical contact with hostage.
Hostage must comply with all commands given by task force.
Hostage may not be disguised.
Hostage must be escorted by a task force member at all times.
Hostage may not carry a marker at any time.
Hostage is not allowed to sprint for greater distances than 5 yards.
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