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First field report. I found that it has trouble reliably piercing both CO2 capsules - probably an issue with the crosman's being short or something. Anyhow, interesting behavior on working on a single pierced 12gr - crap velocity.

well that is no fun. It was noticed that it was consistently the same position 12gr that was failing to pierce so I built up the base of the cam plunger for it with some duct tape

because duct tape is awesome

and that got both reliably piercing. With both 12grs pierced the gun was shooting around 250-260 with Valken Grafitti. Not bad, I'll take that, and off to the field to play I went

Efficiency. well, in a word it is crap. I was getting 30 usable shots. The drop off was fast after 30shots. Probably time for a more thorough tear down - so I can get pics for nobody.

30 usable shots is still 30 usable shots - I kept on playing. I even scored an elimination with it - gogging a guy on a snap shot at about 20yds.

The detent is mostly reliable. I need to tweak it a little bit more. But even on the couple occasions where it stuck and allowed double or triple feeding the gun fired all the shots out the barrel just fine. It is easy on paint it seems. I will try some ultra evil in it. the detent does a great job of holding the paintball in the chamber. I would de-tension the spring and then lock the follower forward to act as a block to break the gun open to check it was empty since it has no safety. everytime there was always one paintball very well held in place by the detent.

The gun is great for attracting attention, that is for sure. It is incredibly distinct looking. People also seemed surprised at the heft of it

more pics and video coming soon. sorry, no game play video - I don't have any sort of camera rig.
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