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Water inside digital camera

Yesterday some water managed to leak inside my Panasonic TS20 through the SD card hatch. Didn't notice the water had enter till a half hour later when the "insert SD card again" message appeared on the display. The camera was still functional, but would not read the card.

When I got back I decided to use a vacuum to remove any moisture still inside the camera, but now he camera will not even turn on. Last night the "focus light?" would illuminate when I slid the battery in, but now nothing happens. I did leave it in a bag of rice overnight to help draw out any remaining moisture, but still noting powers up.

Any suggestions? I don't have time to send it in for warranty right now, just want it operational again til I get back home.

BTW, it's salt water so the internals will probably eventually succumb to rust/corrosion.
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