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Originally Posted by noclue119 View Post
That is wrong. I ran with semi at psp before. most refs can't tell if you are on semi or ramping. They only pull you for rof problems. My guess that you teammate had a higher rof set for eyes off and he changed to eyes off 1/2 way into the match ausing a higher rof
Gun was capped and tourney locked; you can say that's an incorrect interpretation of the rulebook, but it's the ruling we were given on the field. I'd be careful about saying that someone must be trying to cheat if a rule question comes up, it reflects poorly on you.

I'm not sure why this thread became about ramping vs. semi and how this affects paint sales, the OP's argument is that the ROF cap doesn't apply to mechs, so an electro in semi would be subject to the same cap as one in PSP ramping.

The point, as before, is that having specific limitations is meant to de-emphasize "advantages" and "disadvantages" that are attributable to the operating parameters of the equipment. If there really were some sort of advantage to be gained by using this supposed loophole in the rules, then somebody would be doing it. The fact that they're not makes the answer self-evident: it's not an advantage.
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