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Tpx first day.

So, as a preamble, I have owned 3 tiberius pistols, and a TPX before and never played with any of them. Bought them, traded for them, whatever... got rid of them.

Recently I picked up dual TPXs inspired by Netneker's most recent video. One of them is leaky, and as well as practising at home holding corners and snapping and reloading I decided one pistol is the way to go anyhow. Re-fitted my fullclip vest to hold 8 mags, threw a holster on a belt (holds another mag) went out with the TPX with a phenom barrel (courtesy of Bob T Guy) and a mag in my left hand.

First game I played center of a vilage, got up pretty far, and eliminated 3 of the 5 on the other team. Two gog shots, and I think I went through 2-3 mags. I had put two mags through it in my shop, that was it until I hit the field. Next two games I got 2 eliminations each game.

It was a ton of fun, and to be honest I think one pistol is far more managable than two. Outdoors, Canadian winter (still) got at least 3+ mages per twelvie, so no complaint.


1) NEED a good dump pouch. Lost (but retraced steps and found) several mags from my pockets.

2) Need to modify 12 gram plug, 4th game I got into it with the field owner (great player) it was just he and I, and for about 3 minutes I had no CO2, until I finally took the barrel off to get more torque on the plug, he heard the sound of metl as I dropped in the new twelvie and made a move, I managed to pop one at him (with no barrel) to convince him I was ready to rumble... but it was tense...

3) WOuld probably use a remote line in the future

4) do not eject mag to count balls left...

Overall a really good first experience. TOns of fun. No jams or chops...
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