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Originally Posted by Mar View Post
So, as a preamble, I have owned 3 tiberius pistols, and a TPX before and never played with any of them. Bought them, traded for them, whatever... got rid of them.

Recently I picked up dual TPXs inspired by Netneker's most recent video. One of them is leaky, and as well as practising at home holding corners and snapping and reloading I decided one pistol is the way to go anyhow. Re-fitted my fullclip vest to hold 8 mags, threw a holster on a belt (holds another mag) went out with the TPX with a phenom barrel (courtesy of Bob T Guy) and a mag in my left hand.

First game I played center of a vilage, got up pretty far, and eliminated 3 of the 5 on the other team. Two gog shots, and I think I went through 2-3 mags. I had put two mags through it in my shop, that was it until I hit the field. Next two games I got 2 eliminations each game.

It was a ton of fun, and to be honest I think one pistol is far more managable than two. Outdoors, Canadian winter (still) got at least 3+ mages per twelvie, so no complaint.


1) NEED a good dump pouch. Lost (but retraced steps and found) several mags from my pockets.

2) Need to modify 12 gram plug, 4th game I got into it with the field owner (great player) it was just he and I, and for about 3 minutes I had no CO2, until I finally took the barrel off to get more torque on the plug, he heard the sound of metl as I dropped in the new twelvie and made a move, I managed to pop one at him (with no barrel) to convince him I was ready to rumble... but it was tense...

3) WOuld probably use a remote line in the future

4) do not eject mag to count balls left...

Overall a really good first experience. TOns of fun. No jams or chops...
Welcome back to the world of pistol play.
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Yea Ive played lots of games with dual pistols and came to the conclusion that two pistols is a lot of fun but im much better with shooting one and reloading with the other hand.

1. A dump pouch is a must on larger fields. I usually just drop my mags but I drop them at key points/structures. I bought a V-tac Horizontal Molle Tank pouch and it works very well to hold my TPX mags(like a dozen or so) or about 8 T8 mags. Its made for a tank so it wants to constrict but the top is sorta open. Havent lost a mag yet so Im sticking with it.

2. Yea I have a Bolt in my TPX front plug to help get that extra torque for 12g changing. I can actually eject a full 12g and sent the cart flying. This mod is a must if you play agressive with a TPX and 12g's IMHO. I cant cant the number of times I got drop out if a fast firefight and needed to change the cart but there was still enough pressure that without the screw id be screwed

3. The remote line was another thing I picked up recently and do enjoy. It makes indoor a lot easier with the TPX as when I was changing 12grams before people loved to rush me. I can just drop a mag and dash forward inside now. Air is irrelevant. My 13in tank gives me plenty of shots.

4. yes its not like a regular handgun. You cant just eject the magazine to re-count your shots. Once its ejected whether or not it was empty it should be considered so now as reloading the mag at that point is probably not the best idea.


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