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Thanks for the barrel suggestions everyone, I just realized that I have about 20" of brass barrel stock sitting around, so I may machine a threaded cap for it and use it as a barrel. Here's some more photos of hows the body it coming along, it still needs some more work, primarily the upper back corner will be cut at an angle and radiused the same as the top so it'll flow well with the staggered rear cuts in the back. The machine marks still need to be sanded out (they're very shallow) and I'll be starting on the valve body next. Tried to go for a nice simple and clean mill job on it and I think it's coming along nicely.

And to give you all a taste of where this is going, here's a rough rendering of the project so far, as you can see, the milling on the body changed but the back of the valve body will be threaded for an AR-15 buffer tube and stock.

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