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Originally Posted by J4 Paintball View Post
Deus - have a link or some pics? Would love to see! And, hey, we were talking about a pump... if it close and you want to be involved we can include you.
I unfortunately don't, to my knowledge. I've had sketches and plans for the method, but the most I did was for a build-off here in which I modified a cheap STBB body and swapped the valve out for a system like that.

The intent was to provide a measured amount of gas at a specific pressure, which it did, but it obviously didn't work that great without a reg on it. Not sure I even finished it to involve in the judging.

I scrapped the valve (there wasn't much to it), may still have the sketch buried in a drawer somewhere, and sold off the body after. Someone on this site at the time bought it. I may be able to find that thread, but it was years back.

If you want input, I'll be glad to provide whatever I can, but I didn't pursue the method any further than the prototypes from that contest and whatever drawings or AutoCAD files I may still have kicking around.

Edit: Tracked it down, my plans were for the 2006 custom Spyder build-off. I had plans before then, still have a chunk of Merlin extrusion half-cut for them, but the the prototype body was a Zap ZXS-500. The valve failed to work at the time because the bottom tube had a ding in it.

I'll check later, but kind of doubt I have files and drawings from 7 years ago on hand. I could probably manage the very basics from memory. It was just a matter of cramming it all into the available space, and the result was essentially just a rearranged and kludgy version of this new one.

I had progressed from a pump to a pneumatically-cycled method. The idea was to have the spool with inlet and outlet, so moving the assembly forward would cut off the input just before the output slid into place. And foiled because the donor body had a dent in it.
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