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Moonshine Run 3/30

Hey Guys!

The Honey Badgers are holding their first scenario at All Starr in Leicester, MA!


Players will join the Hatfield or McCoy family to assist them in makeing moonshine. Each family will then try and sell their Moonshine for gold! There is only one problem, the General store is in the center of town and all the supplies for both parties can only be bought there. Both families must battle for control over the store, its supplies and the ability to make moonshine. The family with the most gold at the end of the day will go home the victors!

This big/scenario game will be a ton of fun for everyone as they try to battle over control of the General store. Rules can be found on Allstarr's web site or through contacting a Honey Badger Team Member. Players will be enrolled automatically in a raffle to win prizes and food will be available for a fee.

Come down for a great day of fun and a fantastic way to start the paintball season!

Here are the basic prices for the scenario:

$25 will get you in on the action
$30 will get you 1000 rounds
$50 will get you 2000 rounds

Don't have a gun/equipment?
No worries we have your back there. $15 gets you fully outfitted with a gun, a mask, a tank, and a hopper(stores your rounds)!!!

This event is FPO, with Valken available. Air is included, gates open at 8am, game starts at 10am. Semi only.

Creepers will be out there and I will be reffing with the other Badgers.
Granite State Honey Badger
Boston Creepers - Co-Founder

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