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I have an arsenal of guns, and they are all 15-25 years old. We all like old guns for a variety of reasons.

For me, I started playing in 1987, but I really became obsessed with paintball in the early 90s. I didn't like how paintball evolved in the later 90s. So I collect and use guns solely from my personal "golden age".

But I think this is a minority view. Most members probobly love modern paintball, but have an appreciation for the old days. (even if they did not play back then). So it adds to a variety of ways they can play the game, using all sorts of technologies and equipment.

Truth is, I don't post much anymore much for the same reasons as the OP posted. Most threads today are about modern equipment. Something that doesnt interest me, nor would I even be qualified to make a post. Granted, I consider "modern" to anything made 1996 or later, which I realize is a fairly wide group, since that encompasses 50% of the entire life of paintball

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