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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
Without an explanation? So it suddenly becomes okay because they are forgetful? Fields often have BBDs for sale and/or have buckets of rental barrel bags.

Sorry, I don't care if a leprechaun stole it, either use a BBD or leave the premises.

That is usually what the "explanation" involves. "Where do you think you are going without a barrel sock?" I don't think I have seen anybody leave the field with a squeegee stuck down the barrel. If you lost your barrel condom, you can borrow a big ugly orange rental one. Nobody said it was acceptable. In fact, I have never seen anybody argue with the staff about it.

Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
I hear you on the barrel plugs. I had a tippman one, that would fall out of practically anything especially my 98c. THe only type of barrel plug I would trust would be the type that tighten up real good. I have a little one by cooper-T that is a piece of delrin with a knurled aluminum screw that you tighten down and it expands the delrin insert to make it near impossible to pull out.

If you want to talk about hilariously worthless barrel plugs, I have one for you.

The bottom silver piece of the expansion chamber on that 'cat detaches and fits neatly into the end of the barrel. But, it is also a block of sharpened aluminum that only fits loosely into every barrel I own. I sold the Thundercat a year back or so and the expansion chamber with it. A shame, really.

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