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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
Thumper is working great! My MM2k9 isn't and now the other PTP thing is blowing up.
I have to thank PTP for the 2K11 MM, it's solely responsible for me forever shunning any form of preorder. As such, it's saved me a ton of money on things like the Thumper, and a certain botched run of nelson clones.

That was the most epic fail I've seen in PB. So many promises made, just to fall flat and have none delivered on. I'm still waiting on my f'in shirts.

Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
Yeah that's making me sad. PTP is one of my all time fav's, and Tracy is awesome. I sure wonder what happened there.
Simple. They're passed their prime and they just can't deliver to this industry on the level that they could at their peak. It'll always be excuses and unsatisfied customers at the current rate. PTP was once an awesome company with a quality product was being the key word.
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