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Originally Posted by Echoes-of-Honor View Post
Perhaps it wasn't worded correctly, but this is a group of guys with an outlaw field that are looking for more players to hopefully come join the fun. It is NOT a group looking for a field at which to play. As a matter of fact they have 2 or 3 venues in Passaic County at which they can host games.
Well, the thread is titled "4/7/13 Free Woodsball" which seems like a clear indication that this is a post promoting the date of a specific game.

Originally Posted by jerseytrailrider View Post
I would think I'm using this forum correctly because this isn't a for-profit field. Totally free and meant for recreation players! I would like to put this in regional, but saw that the majority of those posts are for legit fields. Maybe a regional outlaw section would be possible. Any chance I may also suggest a contact list or something like a game finder like the one found on another big name website or forum I probably shouldn't mention?
The fact that the games aren't being run for profit isn't the issue. This forum was originally set up to discuss outlaw field issues and ideas, not to promote individual games. When game organizers started promoting games here it became very confusing for players who were looking for local games to have to search through two different forums to find games where they lived.

To date, we haven't had any issues with players promoting outlaw games in the regional section. The Splattttland games in the Northeast section are outlaw and have been promoted for years next to threads for games at legit fields.

In order to eliminate confusion, and make it easier for players to find local games (either legit or renegade), the site admin and forum moderators have asked that members only promote games in the regional section. This includes threads looking to recruit new players for your field. Photos of your renegade field, and/or questions about operating a renegade field are always welcome here. Thanks for understanding.
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