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the paintball zone closed?

i know they have been closed down for a bit now with hopes of reopening in april, but today i saw this posted on their facebook

The Paintball Zone The owners will not let us reopen. We tried, but they have other plans (and I don't know what they are). They kept me in the dark for a year, while I desperately tried over and over to keep The Paintball Zone open. Sorry, to everyone that loved playing here. I really wanted to make this place special. I brought in other people, with knowledge and money, but the owners would not work or respond to them either.
this was my favorite local field and my friends and i will be crushed if they do not reopen.

Anyone who has any info or insight into this please let me know.

on a second note, anyone know a good woodsball field in cen cal?
Im talking real woods / brush ball.
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