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What a mess I posted this on my facebook"Sad day for paintball! Looks like no deal or lease for the paintball zone is going to be made . Details of the offer are 2500.00 per month lease this includes some camping. Prime farmland goes for 100 per acre per year. Another field leases 250 acres for 800 a month. Considering the Pb zone is in flood plain. It's to much! There is another option to buy it for 2 million . So is somebody going to get in there ? I think not .
I take lots of memories and years of good times! Lets hope we get a woodsball field again . See you at west coast paintball or Davis players Casper is GONE !!"
We tried as a group it's a no deal there will be no pb out there in the future.Like I stated above the land has no potential at all as in agriculture or housing, rights to minerals maybe.Bye bye pb zone sad to see ya go !!
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