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Originally Posted by Diomedes View Post
I've had problems with the durability using Mechanix. The palms just don't hold up to pump play very well. Anyone know of something similar with durable palms?
I think you're going to have this problem with any glove that has Clarino palms. On guns where I had to use thumb screws for disassembly, I'd go through gloves after about 4-6 days of play, invariably cutting/tearing through the clarino at the index finger and thumb. I've since switched to a gun that doesn't use thumb screws and my gloves last a lot longer.

I'm a fan of the basic Mechanix gloves- their inexpensive, last a long time and I don't get shot in the fingers from close range so the thin knuckle coverage is fine.

I did score some of the 2013 Empire BT EBT Operator gloves as a Christmas gift.

They're very snug fitting but not too tight and they're kinda like cheapo Oakley gloves in that instead of the kevlar knuckles, they have molded nylon fabric. A lot of the rubber trim is just glued on though, like most paintball gloves. The dots on the wrist (designed to help pull the glove on), came off before I even got the gloves on. I may wear these next winter, or if I should find myself doing CQB or such.
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