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Merle's ambush was awesome. I would have liked to see him take out one or two of the Woodbury guys in hand to hand combat when they jumped him and / or put up a better fight against the Governor but thats just being picky.
he's drunk, that's probably his only "mistake."

dude's a goddamn one man army, if only he was sober, that's the only reason i see governor being able to overpower his own former hired muscle, besides bad writing of course, even for such an epic episode the writers still can't figure a way to make the story go the way they want without warping the character continuity.

anyone catch his trollface when he tried to feed the zombies a drink? i lol'd

i'd have liked to see him take out martinez, then have daryl run into meryl eating martinez instead of asthma kid, then at least daryl would know what meryl did as a last act. that'd be too good to be true though.

damn it, why does meryl have to die and not andrea.
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