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Originally Posted by Brother Jerry View Post
We saw the Gov for what he definitely was last night. Shooting Meryl so that he would turn was not humane, Rick and his group have never let someone turn and walked away from them, they ended it....always humane. There is the glaring contrast between those two.
If I was giving the writers credit I would point out that this showed that the Governor did not consider Merle at all one of them. Remember in his first appearance where he shot one of his guys in the head and said something to the effect "we don't let our people turn". Or I could argue that it was part of his descent into madness. It really is an interesting change in events from when we first saw the Governor with Merle and now.

The difference of Daryl dealing with zombie Merle and Morgan not dealing with zombie wife is interesting as well. It shows how far people have changed.

That being said if the finale is anything like last nights episode I can get over the many waisted episodes up to this point.
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