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Originally Posted by thespawn078 View Post
I'm quite sure that you received my markers and hoppers for our trade. I have not received even a PM from you about the deal we communicated for the Red Thumper. I will take this as being scammed (though I can't for the life of me think why you would) and will ensure that if anyone I know wants to attempt to make a deal with you, they will be warned. Anyone that wants to address this further with me can see my Multi-Marker Sales Thread (link about to be returned to my signature) to see what markers were stolen from me as well as my Valken V-Max hopper (I have pictures of it on my phone), my JT Revolution hopper (again, I have pictures of it on my phone), and my lidless Viewloader Evolution III hopper (as seen in my misc. paintball gear thread).
Same here, i sent payment to you two weeks ago, for a simple ums rail, gave it a week to arrive, it did not made contact with you and you said you thought it went of but found the box, so you would send it out the next day, here we are one week later and im still missing my rail, no tracking number provided, and seeing your story i will be filing a complaint with paypal once im done here.
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