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"T15" Anticipation...

Finally got caught up on all 18 pages and "OH MAN, I THINK THE CLOCK IS SLOW..." There's been nothing from PhantomDesigner (aka "The Man Behind The Curtain") since the 28th of Feb ... maybe a quick recap is in order to see if all the critical questions, 'er "misinterpretations" have been addressed....

1) No release date! (...awaiting IPR finalization ??? Could be months before loosely alleged "warehoused" T15's are set free) ((Rumors say SUMMER 2013))

2) No price yet! (Only..."Likeable Price" & "Price Will Surprise") ((Rumors range from sub $400 - $1400))

3) REMOVABLE Hopper Feed Elbow

4) Near Identical AR Platform (sight/optics friendly)

5) Non-Conventional "?mechanical?" Tiberius engine

6) 3 Sec Disassembly

7) Twist lock "Automag" type barrel design for quick hopper/mag selection?

8) Aftermarket "friendly" threaded barrel design?

9) .68 / FS compatible 180 deg/U-Turn clock-spring magazines???

10) ASA options: in-stock & through-grip

11) PhantomDesigner: "Not sure how much time I'll be able to devote [to forums?] in later days. just great to see the "getting a real" experience..or as close to it as one can get".

"Anticipation is half the fun..." Yeah right!!!

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