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I know.
If all goes well. You can expect to see them for sale before summer hits.
I'm also working on a few other products also but the barrel is second priority due to lack of funds. In the past I would do pre orders but with no financing this time around I wouldn't even think of it.

One of my prototypes has just landed back in My hands today. And is not quite what I want to sell to the public yet. (No you can't see it)
When all is ready you will have some thing to read on info.
And those asking how it works? It just does and that's all I can say.

I'm 100% positive that I have the most accurate sr-1 to date.
In real. It's a must see and feel to believe it.

I can't wait till you guys get to shoot one.
My first paintball game was last year.
I should know everything there is to know about paintball.
The best marker is the one I use.
I learned everything I need to know about how to fix and run a successful paintball venture from the Internet.
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