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Originally Posted by ves206 View Post
Hey guys. I have my Trracer set up with 12 grams. I get approx 10 shots per 12gram... i cant get it to shoot above 270. Should i just order Empire Trracer springs and call it a day? .. I was using Empire/JT 12 grams.

Its not barrel to paint match as i was shootin thru a 679 cocker barrel.. (cocker threaded body).
Hold on a second, are you using a PMI Trracer or Empire Trracer? I am not sure if the springs are interchangeable between the 2. PMI Trracer uses Autococker springs, and purchasing a Madman Spring is the type of springs you need.

As for the 10 shots per 12 gram, it is strange, is your gun leaking? Maybe adjust the velocity?
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