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FS T8/9 Endgame Barrel

I have an Endgame Barrel for the Tiberius T8/9 markers I am looking to sell, this was the first and is currently the only manufactured silencer ever made for the Tiberius Arms markers.

There are approximately only 50 of these barrels, and it is very rare that they ever come up for sale.

The barrel is two pieces, the barrel itself and the suppressor that covers the end of the barrel (all black). I have a third piece, a spare suppressor that is not currently packed, and is yours to experiment with if you choose to buy it. I also have a fourth piece, a chromed suppressor. I will add the chromed suppressor for 15$ more if you are the purchaser of the barrel.

Not my picture, but this will give you an idea of what it looks like:

If you are interested in it I will have it with me at Fight For Asylum 2.

My asking price is 120$ OBO + shipping.

I could be interested in trades, feel free to offer.

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