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I'm glad he liked it.
The irony of this that the KBA creation was a direct result of a phone conversation I had with Tim McMurray many years ago.
I wanted to buy some of the magical brass that he had used for re-barrelling Sheridans in the old days. I called him and we spoke quite a bit about Sheridans.
He didn't want to sell me any brass barrel stock and told me I was nuts to try making long barrel Sheridans. The efficiency of the long barrel was the issue.
Well, screw efficiency, valve work, porting, and an opened bolt can have a greater effect on efficiency than barrel length.
I set out to make a point about this. The result was the Death Gun. I took a badly battered K body that had huge holes drilled in the end of the barrel. I cut the barrel end off and butt soldered a spiral ported JJ brass barrel on the end and added an extended side tube. Adding the long stock, bolt action and sights made it the best paintball rifle ever.
This was the rifle that became the pattern model for the M2020 body KBAs and SSKBAs that Jake and I made. The one we built for Jake is very rare. He is a lefty and we made that one set up for a left handed bolt action. He also wanted a lever action, so I put it into a left handed KL stock. She's a beauty.
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