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Tree Houses

Way off topic but I can't find the thread about tree houses that I've seen at some point in the last 7 years.

Have 3 bottle brush trees in the back yard that i want to put a tree house in for the kids.

They are about 8ft apart so I'm aiming to create a triangular platform, connected at the corners, resting in the crook of the trees without being attached to the tree. 8ft x 6ft triange

Then another triangle coming off that onto a stilt on a concrete pier, about 8ft by 4ft.

All about 5ft off the ground.


Lag bolt to the tree or keep it free floating if possible?
How to attached the platform to itself - nuts and bolts, big screws, nails?
Is 8ft too long a span (using redwood 2x4s) without a stilt under it to support it?
Ideas on bracing between the frame to connect the long runs?
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