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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
Mavericks came in two version... the first was the 3rd Gen Traccer (spy) and had the same press fit (I actually think it was threaded and glued) 1" feed as the original tracer. Then.... several years went buy (read as about 5 to 6) and ACI was about to go out of business and they found all off these parts in the back of the warehouse and realized they could put them together as complete guns. I have a feeling that the bodies were complete, but they wanted to compete with other pumps which were pretty much using a standard 7/8" feed neck, so they removed the old feeds (forcefully) and welded new feeds on... and then did a really ****ty job of ano-ing the guns.

So the "newest" Mavericks, the last ones, have a welded 7/8" feed and a piss poor ano, vs the previous guns with 1" feeds (which you can stick a 10 round tube in) and the beautiful Military grade black hard anodizing.

He's right. Check out the pictures of the receivers I have.

This one is from a Maverick:

And this one is also from a Maverick and more recent version:

So yeah, that confirms it. Depending on what receiver you have. But even if you have the press fit model, you will still have to use tool to completely remove the feedneck in or to properly mount a Phantom stockclass feed on there.
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