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Gloss Blue CCM S5

CCM Series 5 in gloss blue with black accents. Comes with standard 45 frame and classic grip with pink(!) plate.

Marker is in excellent mechanical condition with no issues. All internals are clean and adjusted in accordance with Talfuchre's guidelines. Cosmetically, marker is in VERY nice condition. Please note lightly faded section on right side of body, probably from a large square sticker. Marker has a factory-drilled eye which is ano'ed on threads and clean.

This build includes:

- CCM Series 5 Body
- CCM 45 Grip, AT & Pump
- Matching FEP Quest Reg and ASA (reg design is very close to CCM's, set to 325psi)
- Shocktech Delrin Bolt
- DW Barrel Not Included

[COLOR="Blue"]SOLDCOLOR] Thanks!

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